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Date Sent:      October 28, 2005
Subject:           Milestone - 600 Members
From:               John Bondon
Hello Everyone, Sorry for the delay in getting this email out. I just suddenly realized it was Friday and I had failed to get an email out about this Sunday's hike.

We have have reached a new milstone for the group, we now have 600 Members signed up to receive these emails! And still growing. And along with that growth, you can expect some positive changes in the months to come. I do plan to expand the website to include areas outside the "East Bay", and to give hike leaders more self-service options to post their own hikes. And let's not forget that pretty new website design project I started a year ago. It's actually basically done -- just haven't had time over the past year to troubleshoot a few nagging (but key!) kinks in the system. Hope to get the new site unveiled as well early next year. Stay tuned for more positive changes! :)

Last Sunday Andrew and Howard lead a hike at Las Trampas. Answer reports, " We had 9 hikers for this hike. Although there was fog and low clouds on the way to Las Trampas, when we got there it was brilliant sunshine. A good omen."

Our Fearless Leader, Brian lead an equally spectacular loop hike around the Briones Reservoir. It was amazing to me how tranquil and peaceful the location is. The spot is so unspoiled (undeveloped), that you quickly forget that you are actually surrounded by a bustling civilization not too far away. The occasional plane or helicopter overhead or motorcycle zooming past on a road nearby reminds you that you are not in some remote back country. :)

This Sunday Andrew and Howard will lead another hike, this time at Borges Ranch, but starting from Macedo.

Says, Andrew, about this Sunday's hike: " We will hike north to the Borges Ranch, which is the highlight of the hike. This is a great place to see how people lived a century ago. Bring something to eat, as there are picnic tables. There are also flush toilets at Borges. I will also attempt to explain the quail habitat that has been introduced to the area. Quite interesting."

You'll find more details about this upcoming hike posted on the East Bay Casual Hiking website.

Happy Trails! :)

Happy Trails,


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