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Date Sent:      July 15, 2005
Subject:           Sunday Hike - Redwood Regional Park - Skyline Gate
From:               John Bondon
Hello All,

Well it turns out I have tennis on Saturday this weekend, but now my Sunday is free, so how about a hike at Redwood Regional Park? Temperatures should reach well into the upper 90s this weekend, but don't let that scare you. This is the PERFECT location for hiking on a hot summer day! Redwood Park is located atop the Oakland Hills. It is one of my favorite summer spots to hike, especially when the temperature climbs near the triple digits. This location offers lots of shade and typically cooler breezes from a higher starting elevation. I really need to sleep in this Sunday, so I'm making it a later starting time of 11:30AM. Bring lots of water, but most of the hike you should be in the shade. :)

Something I meant to share with you some time ago, was a picture that Evan shared with me of the snow conditions at Yosemite Park this summer. (Yes, you read that right, I said snow at Yosemite this summer!). Believe it or not, as late as mid-June, some of the higher elevation camps remained closed at Yosemite due to SNOW! Late last month, Evan wrote: I found out that the High Sierra Camps will not be open this year. On June 15, there was up to 12 feet of snow at May Lake in Yosemite! You can see the picture on the web site: !

I have chatted with Evan more than once that I believe our climate here in the Bay Area is changing. Every year our weather "pattern" seems to grow stranger and stranger. Evan's photo find of snow so late in the season seems another example of what I fear. The question is, though, if my theory about climate change is correct, is this a man made phenomenon or is it part of some normal evolution of our planet?

Scientists are discovering, for example, that the role our Moon plays in helping to keep our planet stable to be much more significant than ever realized before. It is our moon, as it turns out, that helps to stabilize our climate and makes the 3rd Rock from the Sun inhabitable for humans.

Did you know that the moon is moving further and further AWAY from the Earth each year? It's true! We're only talking about a inch or two per year, which doesn't seem like all that much, but over the course of a few hundred years that starts to add up! And when you consider how the moon helps to stabilize our weather patterns here on Earth, it makes you wonder how much, if any, our climate might change in the next hundred years due to this widening gap between the earth and it's moon??? Are we starting to see signs of this now? Or is this the result of global warming or something else? ... I guess time will tell...

Notes from the Field ...

On July 2nd, Bala and his friends lead a hike from Hunsaker Canyon to the northern side of Los Trampas. Flanked by two goats, two dogs, and a few kids, the hike offered some great views of the surrounding area from Orinda to the west, to Antioch to the west, and from Dublin to Martinez. Everyone had a great time!

Regarding the July 3rd hike from Town of Ross to Potrero Meadow, Evan wrote: The wildflowers were beautiful: Bright yellow cupped flowers mixed with lavendar lillies in Potrero Meadow made for a great destination. Besides the flowers, the views of the lakes and Mt. Tam were spectacular and so were the views of SF Bay. The lakes and douglas fir and redwood forests were delightful. Everyone had a good time.

A special thanks to Evan, Tina, and Bala for organizing these fun hikes!

Would you like to lead a hike of your own? Don't be shy -- let me know when, where and all the pertinent details, and I'll happily post the info! It's that simple!

Next month I'll be taking some time off to do a little camping and boating. If anyone is interested to lead some hikes next month, please let me know!

You'll find more details about this upcoming hike posted on the East Bay Casual Hiking website.

Happy Trails! :)

Happy Trails,


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