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Date Sent:      September 11, 2013
Subject:           Do You Yelp?
From:               John Bondon

If you do, then I have a quick favor to ask of you. Click the Yelp icon on the right and post a review about the East Bay Casual Hiking Group.

My wife and I use Yelp whenever we need help selecting a new service provider, a restaurant, or entertainment venue for our children. There's nothing more helpful when trying to narrow down the selection pool than honest feedback from other customers. And I've even noticed lately, regular discussions and posts on Yelp related to hiking. So even though the EBCHG is not a business entity, I thought it only proper to share our existence with others seeking a community of like minded outdoor enthusiasts. That's why I decided to create a profile for us on Yelp.

Please help me spread the word and invite others to join us, by taking a moment to share your own experiences with the East Bay Casual Hiking Group.

I thank you!

Happy Trails,


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