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Message Details

Date Sent:      August 28, 2013
Subject:           Clouds Rest, Anyone?
From:               John Bondon

EBCHG member, Daniel, wants to organize a trip to hike at Clouds Rest in Yosemite National Park. And he'd very much like for a few EBCHG friends to join him. The hike he has in mind would be a strenous, 14.5 mile hike with 1,775 feet of elevation gain, with a starting elevation of 8,150 feet at the trailhead. You can learn more about the hike Daniel has in mind at: . Anyone interested?

A date has not been set yet for this trip. But if you'd like to discuss this and potentially alternate group hiking adventures with Daniel, I encourage you to join our East Bay Casual Hiking Google Group, which was created specifically to encourage discussions related to hiking. Sign up now, as Daniel will be putting out a message in the next few days about this.

Happy Trails,


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