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Date Sent:      August 24, 2013
Subject:           Who Is Really Responsible for The Past 10 Years?
From:               John Bondon

EBCHG 10 Year Anniversary Hike & Picnic Last Sunday we officially celebrated our group's 10 Year Anniversary. Thank you to everyone for joining me for the morning hike and participating in our after hike potluck. Though I do have to make a formal apology to anyone who was forkless. I had promised to bring the utensils, and forgot to bring my big box of plasticware. Thankfully I had a backup stash with me but it was not enough for all. My apologies for that!

Sunday marked my return to hiking. I had hoped to lead a few hikes prior to this date but it never happened. So it was fun to be back out there! I also was secretly hoping we would break our previous record of 68 hikers showing up for a hike that morning. As it turn out, we ended up tieing it! We had 67 hikers count off numbers before our hike, plus one more arrived but stayed behind along with Andrew to watch over our goodies in the picnic area. EBCHG 10 Year Anniversary Hike & Picnic

The hike was fun. There were two choices for route, too. An in and back option for those seeking easier terrain and a quicker hike, but still about 6 miles round trip. The full loop route was 6.5 miles with 735 feet of elevation change. (Except for someone like me who hasn't hiked in a really really long time, that 735 feet of elevation change felt more like 7,350 ft!)

EBCHG 10 Year Anniversary Hike & Picnic The irony of the day for me was that after completing the hike I wasn't really all that hungry. I was really thirsty, and looked forward to drinking some of the lemonade I brought for our picnic So despite all the yummy and wide variety of foods everyone brought, I only got to sample a small portion of it.

That lemonade, btw, I bought 2 or 3 days before the picnic. When my oldest daughter saw it she was eager to try it. At every snack and meal opportunity prior to Sunday, she would plead with me, "May I pleeeeeaaaasssseeee have some lemonade??" To which I would have to respond, "no, we are saving it for Sunday".

What was really cool to discover was that while I was bringing up the rear completing the morning hike, and despite her anxiousness to drink the lemonade, my daughter was also happily serving it to everyone at the picnic. EBCHG 10 Year Anniversary Hike & Picnic

If you'd like to view pictures from our hike and picnic, you can find them at: .

EBCHG 10 Year Anniversary Hike & Picnic Over the years many people have thanked me for starting this website and this group. I take the credit for the EBCHG being what it was today, when in reality that is only one small part of the equation. Making the website function is the easy part, but that alone isn't what allows each of you to participate in hikes each week. The bigger piece of that equation is our hike leaders. Their willingness to commit to going on a hike at a scheduled time and date, and inviting the rest of us to join them. At the picnic I paused to recognize some of our members who have led hikes for us over the past decade. Our past hike leaders include: Kristy Oshiro, Paul Langus, June Dougherty, Brian Farr, Gail Broesder, Lorey Wallace, LeAnne Solano, Glenn Kelsey, Diane Erbeznik, David Kinny, Harold Elliott, David Rehfeld, Carol Evans, Jennifer M, Kim H, Prachi Bondon, Evan Rosenbaum, Bobbi Bader, Adriene Faulkner, MARS CAPEN, Iqbal Syed, Amy Herrington, Adam Phiips, Jennifer Rozler, Paul Portch, Robert Perricone, Wayne Evitts, Sharon Walters, Helene Crowley, Peter Cartwright, Barry Roth, Mike Fahmie, Paul Langenes, Pat Thomas, DuBose Forrest, Earle Conklin, Eric Toschi, Joe Anderson, Mike Miller, kathryn martinsen, Chris Contant, Chris Skywalker, Tom Mathews, Debbie Benyahia, Jennifer Ford, and Joel Schantz. EBCHG 10 Year Anniversary - Past, Present, and (Potential) Future Hike Leaders

Two of our hike leaders deserve special recognition. I want to give special thanks to Andrew Kincaid and Howard Corlett for it is really they who have kept this group going over these past 10 years. I have been absent from hiking for the past few years. But Andrew and Howard have consistently led at least one hike each week, frequently 2, and often together as a team. In fact if you count the number of hikes listed on our website with either name as the hike leader, it totals well over 200, each!

EBCHG 10 Year Anniversary Hike & Picnic EBCHG 10 Year Anniversary Hike & Picnic So as much as I appreciate your offers of gratitude and recognition to me for creating this website and starting this group, the real gratitude should be extended toward Andrew and Howard. We all benefit from their love for hiking, and their enjoyment in sharing in the experience with each of us.

I hope that you, too, will consider leading a hike or two of your own. I know Andrew and Howard would be eager to help you get started. And the rest of us can't wait to join you out on the trail!

Happy Trails,


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