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Date Sent:      August 17, 2013
Subject:           A Few Words About Tomorrow's Hike and Potluck
From:               John Bondon
Potluck and RSVP Form FIXED
Two quick updates for your Saturday. First of all if you have been unable to RSVP for any of the hikes or the potluck lunch tomorrow, you should now be able to do so. It has come to my attention that some members encountered errors trying to use the new Potluck portion of the RSVP form. Many were able to RSVP without problems, but I changed the code to hopefully fix the issue for those who experienced problems. Please try to RSVP now and advise me if you any problems persist.

To Bring Plates or Not?
For those bringing food items for the potluck, you should not have to worry about bringing plates or utensils as well. I will bring paper plates, cups, plastic forks and knives. If bowls or any other items are desired outside of this, then yes please do bring those items.

In case you have a fury one you would like to bring to either the hike or potluck on Sunday, I would advise against it. I am personally very pro-dogs, but our location, as it turns out, is not. Dogs are not permitted in the picnic areas (though I suppose you could leave it tied up at the edge, but I don't think that would be very fun for your pet) and dogs are not permitted on about 90% of the route we will be hiking. It's really only about the first mile or two your dog would be allowed and then we cross into Mount Diablo State Park, where dogs are not allowed.

Morning Hike
I updated the website information regarding my morning hike at Castle Rock. Whether you are a veteran hiker with the group or have NEVER before and have been waiting for an easier hike to get started, I encourage you to come out for tomorrow's hike. There will be two options: the planned route and the easier option B route. Your choice. So whether you are fearless or fearful when it comes to hiking, this is the perfect hike to join this weekend. :) Find all the details about tomorrow's hike posted on the website.

Happy Trails,


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