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Message Details

Date Sent:      August 14, 2013
Subject:           Potluck Form ACTIVATED!
From:               John Bondon
This Sunday, August 18th, is our 10 Year Anniversay Hike & Potluck . One change, though, from my July 31st email about this. turns out the park no longer offers their shuttle service for hauling passengers or supplies. So to make things simpler, rather than trying to BBQ or bring in chicken or meat, we'll make it easy and just do sandwiches. PLus whatever side dishes and extras you have in mind.

The RSVP form on the website now has a field to accept your selection of something to share for the potluck. Once you RSVP you can then see everyone else's responses as well so you will have some idea of what others plan to bring. If you find too many others offering to bring what you were planning and you wish to change your choice, just update your response by submitting a new RSVP response. (Click the RSVP button in the top left corner of the website to return to the RSVP form.)

I have reserved the Pool Oak Terrace Picnic Area, which is right next to the pool at Castle Rock Recreation Area. After the morning hike, you will either find me at the Picnic Area or in the pool itself, depending on how hot it gets, and even more importantly, IF I remember to wear my swim suit!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!

:) John

Happy Trails,


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