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Date Sent:      July 10, 2013
Subject:           The Perils of Hiking
From:               John Bondon
I don't allow hikes to be posted directly to the EBCHG website due to the large amount of spam attempts for non hiking related posts. So all new hikes must be approved. Once approved the hike gets published.

Normally I'm pretty good about getting things posted in time for the Weekly email. (Well, okay, by usually I am referring to my more recent batting average since automating the Weekly Wednesday email. Any such record that exists prior let's just strike it from the record, ok?) But last week I goofed. I thought I had approved a hike entry by Howard but obviously failed to get it posted. It would have been too late to make the weekly email, but I'm always encouraging you to check the website for last minute hike additions AFTER the email goes out. And I know some of you would have seen it and appreciated knowing about it.

So to Howard and those of you who would have liked to have joined him, my sincerest apologies. Here's Howard's report of what you missed:

    Las Trampas hike on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 . Since the hike did not get posted on the EBCHG website until it was over, I was the leader and follower on this solo hike. It was hot in the sun, but not too bad in the shade when there was a cooling breeze. Las Trampas Peak enjoyed a light breeze which was appreciated. There was an abundance of poison oak along the trails which was easy to spot because much of it was undergoing an early sseason change of color to orange and red. The temperature in the parking lot on my return at noon was a toasty 93.

Another hike you might have missed (which WAS posted, btw) was last Sunday's Redwood Regional Park hike, for which Andrew filed this report which he labeled the perils of hiking.

    We descended from Redwood Bowl on the Fern trail yesterday. 6 of us were at the rear. Suddenly the 4 hikers in front of Dan and myself started yelling and screaming. Then the bee swarm hit Dan and myself. The other 5 hikers had several bee stings. I had 12+. Ear, neck, arms, hands and legs. They do hurt. All we could do is continue on as fast as we could. Back at the parking lot, Joel and Kathy treated me with antihistamine. It helped a lot. I now carry Benadryl in my fanny pack.

Happy Trails,


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