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Date Sent:      November 08, 2012
Subject:           Mission Peak Volunteers Needed SATURDAY
From:               John Bondon
My apologies for yesterday's repeat email claiming you could experience 2AM twice this weekend. Sorry. That was for LAST weekend only. This weekend you will only experience 2AM ONCE!

But there is a special need this weekend for those looking for give back to their hiking community. You won't find this information posted on the EBRPD website, but the need for help is real, as fellow EBCHG member, William, explains:
    EBRPD Mission Peak Regional Park has a need for volunteers THIS SATURDAY, 11/10/12, to seed and fertilize bootleg trails that are being broken up. During the last several months, there has been movement towards erecting barriers on some of the boot leg trails on Mission Peak. Once these barriers are fully erected the old trails will need to be broken up; coir logs and netting installed; and grass seeded and fertilized.

    Here are the salient facts: East Bay Regional Park District is having a volunteer day at Mission Peak Regional Park on 11/10/12 starting at 9am with supervision by Neil Spargur the Mission Peak Regional Park Ranger. Those interested should be prepared to assist with seeding and fertilizer distribution over areas impacted by bootleg trails. The number of bootleg trails on Mission Peak has increased and the width on many of them has increased from 4' to many over 45' wide. With the latest rains, erosion has become a major issue on these trails. Therefore the need to break them up and seed as soon as possible is imperative.
If you are interested in volunteering, you may email [email protected] or phone Neil Spargur at 510-544-3247 for details.

Happy Trails,


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