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Date Sent:      January 26, 2005
Subject:           Sunday PAVED Hike
From:               John Bondon
As many of you know, my day job is computer support. That often means I'm bending down under desks, or reaching behind cabinets in rather awkward positions to deal with cabling, etc. The other day, I was croutching down working on a machine, and my legs suddenly got very sore. Granted, not the most ergonomically correct position to work in, but it revealed to me just how out of shape my legs are now that I haven't been hiking for awhile. So, time to get back out there! All this rain is making me lazy ... ;)

We'll start slow, strengthing our leg muscles after our long hiatus. This Sunday, let's walk the Iron Horse Trail starting in Danville. We'll walk it north towards Walnut Creek. This is a relatively flat, paved trail. On the scale of difficulty it would definately be rated amongst the easiest of locations we hike, so if you've been sitting on the sidelines for awhile, or just haven't made it out to a hike yet, THIS is a great one to "get your feet wet" .. well, so to speak. If it's raining, we actually won't be hiking. Rain cancels.

If you're new to hiking and not sure if it's the thing for you, or if those past Mount Olympia type hikes seemed too daunting, join us this Sunday morning for a very leisurely walk thru Danville and Alamo. :)

As I recall there was some major construction work underway on part of the Iron Horse Trail last fall. Not sure the current status. If that's still the case, we'll detour thru residential sections around those parts or just head in the opposite direction towards Dublin.

On a side note, work is underway now on a new look for the hiking website. I hope to have it completed by the end of February. You can get a sneak peak of the new design by clicking here. Special thanks to my friend, Robert, for providing the new professional looking design.

Hope to see you Sunday!

You'll find more details about this upcoming hike posted on the East Bay Casual Hiking website. Remember, RAIN CANCELS.

Happy Trails! :)

Happy Trails,


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