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Date Sent:      May 22, 2012
Subject:           Start 'em young!
From:               John Bondon
A couple weekends ago my family had one of those rare Sundays when we actually had no where to go and nothing planned for the day. It seems this time of year at least for my family is birthday season. So many friends or friends of my kids birthday fall around this time of year. So many weekends seemed to have been around that.

Shell Ridge hike But last Sunday morning my wife and I actually had time to take our young daughters on a hike. And to enjoy the trails for the first time in a very long time ourselves! And the timing of when we made it out the door could not have been more perfect. We were able to meet the WaterFall hike group at Regency Gate at 9:30 and started out on the same trail. But we decided to take an alternate trail and instead went aong the creek. My oldest daughter is 3 years old, and not ready for a 3 or 4 hour hike. But she sure had fun enjoying the outdoors and playing in the water with her Pappa! And that's good. Born into a hiking family, more hikes are, no doubt, in her future. :)

Happy Trails,


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