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Date Sent:      April 11, 2012
Subject:           Hiking Reports From The Field
From:               John Bondon
Some hiking reports from the recent past, starting with Andrew's March 25th report from the Nimitz Way (Paved) Trail - Inspiration Point hike:

6 hikers today on  a cloudy day.8 miles and 500 feet of elevation gain. Too much too soon for me. I needed Linda and Howards help to get back. Sorry about that but glad for their support. 4 of us did a Peet's in Orinda after the hike. Awesome.

Andrew's thoughts from Howard's March 11th Las Trampas hike:

Cold, windy and foggy at the top of the Ridge. Not ideal conditions. Once we were in a wind shield it was OK. Several of us went for a hot Peet's afterward. 5 miles and 1,200 ft of elevation. Absolutely my limit now. I will improve over time. Total hikers were about 33. We had a SF hiker connect with Kathy and Tereza via BART. So cool. So much posative energy in this group.

And Peter shared these comments regarding Howard's March 8th weekday Livorna Staging Area hike:

Much better weather and turnout for Howard's hike today than a week ago. Beautiful sunshine and clear air brought out the best in the green hills on our hike from the Livorna trailhead to Borges Ranch.

Happy Trails,


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