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Date Sent:      March 21, 2012
Subject:           New Member's Only Discussion options
From:               John Bondon
When I first started the East Bay Casual Hiking Group, I was the only one who sent emails out to the membership list.   But it wasn't long before I  was asked to relay information.  Could you let everyone know about _____?   Or can you ask ____ to contact me?   And of course the carpool requests.   So rather than being the middleman, I figured it would be best for everyone if I created an email discussion group where members could write notes to each other without me being the bottleneck.  So the Member's Only Email Discussion List was born.  It was a voluntary list.  Only those members interested in participating subscribed.  No one was forced to receive emails from the list.  It lasted several years and served it's purpose well, but in the end, it, too, became too time consuming to manage.  So the Member's Only Email Discussion List was decomissioned last October.  

In it's place are now two social media alternative options to the former private email list.  Since we have so many members who are also active on FaceBook, I created a private EBCHG group on FB. 

For those not on FaceBook, EBCHG is also on Google Groups now.   You can send messages to your fellow members by either sending a email message or posting it via the Google Groups webpage.    Just as before, however, I will not force anyone to join either Member's Only forum.  Participation in either group is completely voluntary.   If you wish to be part of our FaceBook group, you are more than welcome.  Join us!   Or if you prefer to join our Google Group, I look forward to seeing you there!   Or if you want to be part of BOTH groups, even better!   But if, on the other hand, you have no interest or desire to be part of either optional group, no problem.  You are not required to join either.

Keep in mind that these optional Member's Only discussion forums have nothing to do with the Weekly RSVP emails you receive each Wednesday from me.  Those emails remain.  And they still only come from me

To join the new EBCHG Google Group, either:
Be sure to follow the instructions in the email that is returned back to you to confirm your desire to join this new email list.

To join our discussions on FaceBook, and/or share your hiking photos, find us at:

Regardless of which group you join, please remember that both groups are intended for non-commercial discussions related to hiking.  In other words, no spamming!!   If your post involves trying to sell something, asking for money or a donation of any kind, don't post.   It's not appropriate.  But asking for advice about hiking gear to purchase or places to hike are fair game.  As are requests to share a ride to an upcoming hike or offers for such.  Just remember that your fellow EBCHG members are not volunteering to be part of these new discussion groups so they can be bombarded with commercial sales messages, so please respect that.

Looking forward to seeing you on social media!

Happy Trails!

:) John

Happy Trails,


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