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Date Sent:      March 07, 2012
Subject:           What happended to 2:01AM?
From:               John Bondon
In case you aren't aware, there will be no 2:01AM this Sunday morning. Not officially. At least not here in the USA or Canada even. If you wish to experience 2:01 or even 2:02AM this Sunday morning, you'll need to fly across the Pond over to Europe.

If you haven't yet solved the riddle of what I am talking about, I am, of course, referring to the change to Daylight Savings Time this weekend. Remember that the rule of thumb for changing your clock is "Spring forward, Fall back". And the time change officially occurs at 2AM, which means if you're listening to the radio or watching TV at that hour, there will be no announcement for anything between 2:01 and 2:59AM! Interestingly, Europe does not follow the same pattern as the USA and Canada regarding Daylight Savings. Europe does not change their clocks until the last Sunday of the month, and their official time change occurs at 1AM.

Happy Trails,


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