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Date Sent:      February 29, 2012
Subject:           Can I hike in flip-flops?
From:               John Bondon
If you are looking for an inexpensive hobby, hiking is a good choice. If golf is your thing, then clubs, lessons and balls can add up costs let alone T-fees and membership clubs. Tennis isn't as expensive as golf but racket and balls still requires spending some money. Hiking is one of the least expensive hobbies. There are no recurring costs to replace equipment like a new can of tennis balls every match. For hiking all you need are a good pair of hiking shoes and water. Maybe someone has told you you need to buy hiking poles or special hiking boots or a back pack or some other hiking related gear. To all that I say hogwash. All that extra gear is optional. All you really need is good pair of comfortable, sturdy shoes and water for hydration. Some extras that may be helpful is food, a map of where you are hiking, a hat to protect you from the powerful rays of the sun, and maybe gloves for wintertime or cold weather hiking. Some people swear by hiking poles while others hate them. When it comes to hiking gear you have to pick what works for you. I would suggest always dress in layers for both warm and cold weather, bringing adequate water, protecting your feet by wearing good quality shoes and protecting your skin with a hat and/or sunscreen. For additional tips and thoughts for selecting hiking gear read my FAQ on this very topic.

So can you really hike in flip-flops?  I personally wouldn't do it. But I have seen others do it!

Happy Trails,


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