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Date Sent:      February 22, 2012
Subject:           Where is Andrew?
From:               John Bondon
Howard's shared these comments regarding the Marshall Dr/ Indian Valley School Staging Area to Borges Ranch hike:

There were 18 hikers and 6 dogs on the Marshall Dr to Borges Ranch loop hike on Jan 26, 2012.  GPS read 5.88 miles with 967 feet of elevation gain.

And Andrew reports of last Sunday's Lime Ridge from Arbolado Park hike:

A beautiful sunny but cool day in Lime Ridge. Perfect. I was with 8 on the easy hike and Howard and Mars led the rest. 7 of us went for coffee in WC afterwards. We were treated to a helicopter landing in the parking lot for a demonstration. You never know what the day will bring. Making progress with my injury. Will be back soon.

Both Howard and Andrew have been leading hikes for our group for as long as I can remember.  But if you've been out on the trails lately you might have noticed that Andrew has been largely missing in action.  Unfortunately he injured himself while working in his yard, so he should be taking it easy for awhile and won't be leading too many hikes for at least the next few weeks.   So if you see him out on the trails, be sure to ask him to produce evidence of a Doctor's Note! ;)

Seriously, Rest Up, Andrew!  We all wish you a SPEEDY recovery!   

Happy Trails,


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