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Date Sent:      January 25, 2012
Subject:           EBCHG Website MOVED!
From:               John Bondon
Tassajara Ridge Trail hikeToday's email was going to give you a heads up that I was planning to move the hiking website to a new server this coming weekend.  But I changed my mind last weekend after many performance issues with the previous server.  So the move has actually already been completed.   I only mention this in case we start experiencing email delivery issues as a result. or you start having problems reaching the website.  I don't expect any problems but in case any come up, please do not hesitate to let me know. 

Here's a quick recap of some of the hikes that have taken place since Andrew's New Year's Day Valle Vista to Redwood hike.   Regarding the Sunday, January 8th, King Canyon hike, Andrew said:

We had 48 hikers on a very sunny day. It turned out to be 8 miles and 1,250 feet of elevation, so I really missed my estimates. We had at least 6 capable leaders today so my job was easy. The Upper San Leandro Reservoir is really low. So sad after getting to the max. I will lead a hike soon from Rancho Laguna to Las Trampas so we can all see how these parks are connected. 8 miles total. I missed Alvin the rabbit today.

Andrew also reported on both the Saturday, January 14th, Shell Ridge hike...:

There were 31 of us and lots of dogs, but no kids. There were new hikers. At Ginder Gap we split into 2 groups. Howard led 11 other hikers to Borges Ranch and back to Marshall. Mars and I led the remaining 17 hikers back via Indian Creek trail. The air quality was poor on the Ridge Top trail. It was a beautiful warm, sunny day.  

... as well as the Sunday, January 15th Tassajara Ridge Trail hike:

It was cold and windy for this hike. There were 31 of us and several dogs. It just kept getting colder and windier. We split into 2 groups  at the 2 mile mark. Tereza, Howard and Mars led 17 other hikers on an 8 mile loop. I led 10 other hikers on a 5 mile loop. We are fortunate to have so many capable hike leaders. And they get to play with the Walkie Talkies. We have been spoiled by the recent warm weather. That's not what our winters are like. 26 forecast for tonight. Moraga next sunday.

Shell Ridge hikeAnd lastly, regarding that Sunday, January 22nd, Moraga to Las Trampas hike:

There were 16 of us for a rainy day hike. Trail was wet and slipperey. I won't sugar coat it, it was sloggy. Brian got pics of a mtn lion spotted  near Rancho Laguna. I passed there 5 minutes before him and there was nothing there. Sally from China got her ride to and from Bart from different folks. So happy about that. 5 of us went for coffee at Si Si's in Moraga afterwards. 

Happy Trails,


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