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Date Sent:      January 18, 2012
Subject:           Is this a dating club?
From:               John Bondon
The question often comes up whether or not our hiking group is a dating club. Some people are looking to meet new people while others are turned off by the idea of being hit on.  So when some people think the East Bay Casual Hiking Group is about hiking, but others think we are a good venue to find a relationship partner, I say you're both right!  In other words, the hiking club is what you make of it.

The primary purpose of the group is, of course, to go hiking not dating. But there have been many members who have found love or started dating as a result of the club. I even met my wife thru the club.

I remember several years ago a friend commented to me why don't I stop my extra-curricular activities and start dating.  I was so busy with my tennis, soccer, and hiking, I didn't have time outside of these activities for a social life.  But I was never into the club or bar scene.  My goal was always to meet someone with similar interests.  So I always hoped to meet someone thru the activities that I enjoyed doing.  And you know?  In the end, it worked out exactly that way.

Although the hiking club is not really a dating club that does not mean you cannot meet someone thru it.  Aside from dating, the hiking group has promoted many new (platonic) friendships, too! So if you are asked whether this hiking group is a dating club or a hiking club, just simply respond, YES!

Happy Trails,


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