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Date Sent:      December 14, 2011
Subject:           Hiking Bunny
From:               John Bondon
Hiking Bunny!I must admit that ever since I automated the Weekly RSVP Email, sending out personal emails has been a low priority for me.  Every week I aim to send out a note or pass along hike leader comments about the previous week's hikes, but each week I fail.  Something comes up that diverts my attention and I yet again miss my own publishing deadline! 

But this week I have no excuse.  I HAVE to pass this along.  And before the year is over I want to get back in this email routine.

It's not uncommon for someone to bring a pet along to a hike.  As a matter of fact, our own dog used to be a frequent attendee.  But this past weekend, Will brought his bunny along!  As a fellow rabbit owner, I can't even imagine bringing my own bunny along for a hike and she actually cooperating and enjoying the experience.  But somehow Will pulled it off.  My hat off to Will!

Andrew emailed this report to me of Sunday's San Pablo Ridge hike:

There were 35 humans, many dogs and one rabbit for our hike today. You just had to be there. We split into 2 groups near the top of the ridge  The trail was quite steep. Howard led about 6 hikers on a less steep but longer way around that hill. Kathy led Mars, myself and the rest of the hikers on the planned route. Howard's group did 7 miles and 1,200 feet of elevation. The rest of us did about 6.5 miles. 8 of us went for coffee after the hike. So cool. Gloria brought her homemade cookies. Really cool. I think we are the only East Bay hiking group to have a rabbit along on a hike. Thanks Will.
There's a Bunny on your back!

Mars added this clarification:

WIL brought his pet bunny and it stayed in  his back back the whole hike
Wil let him out on a leash for our snack break on the trail.

Special thanks to Mars and Kathy for sharing the photos

Happy Trails,


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