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Date Sent:      May 09, 2004
Subject:           Next Hike - Return to Castle Rock (Walnut Creek)
From:               John Bondon
Today was a Beautiful day for a hike! Thanks to everyone who came out today. And a belated "Happy Mother's Day" to all our moms who came out. I think I forgot to mention that this morning... ;)

Another important point that slipped my mind about today's hike that I failed to mention to everyone ... CHECK FOR TICKS! Todd phoned me to remind me of this after finding 2 on himself. I haven't found any on me, but it's always a good idea after returning from hiking to check yourself over (or ask a spouse or loved one) for any signs of ticks. They could potentially be carrying lyme disease, so best to be cautious.

Here are some links with more information concerning ticks and lyme disease:

Next Sunday's hike should be more moderate, a few steep spots here and there, but generally a mild hike similar to today's. We shall return to Castle Rock in Walnut Creek (out past North Gate High School). Directions on how to get there can be found on the website:

Please RSVP when you have a chance using the web link provided below.

Have a GREAT week, everyone!


Happy Trails,


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