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Date Sent:      December 20, 2004
Subject:           Upcoming Holiday Hikes
From:               John Bondon
First and foremost, I want to extend my wishes to everyone for a Happy Holiday. I would send each of you an electronic holiday greeting, but do not wish to flood your inbox with extra messages, so instead, I've placed a very special interactive greeting card for you to view at your leisure here : .

Secondly, I want to share with you an interesting bit of trivia about the growth of this hiking group. As many of you know, besides hiking, I am also very active in tennis, both playing and organizing matches and tournaments. But were you also aware that for the past 3 years I have also been helping to organize a weekday pickup soccer group in Walnut Creek? This is a group that originally started amongst a half dozen of my co-workers (then based in Pleasant Hill), but has grown over the years to include many others. We are a co-ed group that plays at lunch time on Tuesdays & Thursdays and usually have anywhere from 10 - 20 people that show up to play. The web based RSVP site used by our hiking group, was originally created by a friend for my soccer group! It has since been modified for the hiking site.

It is interesting to note that in the 3 years I've been organizing the soccer group, we've grown from maybe 20 or 30 players to 151 (that's 150 plus ME!) strong on the email list!! But after only about a year in existence, our hiking group now has over 400 (401, to be exact!) email members, of which 371 are actively subscribed to receive this email message! In only ONE year, we've grown to over 400 members STRONG! That's amazing!

So, with that little fact, on to business. How about some hiking? If you're planning to be in town for the holidays, I am planning a hike this coming Sunday at Lafayette Reservoir. I figure that will make a great spot whether it's a beautiful sunny day, or even if we get a little rain, we can improvise a bit. We'll plan to do the Rim Trail, but plans may change if the weather does, so phone my cell phone the morning of if the weather looks if-fy. If it's just drizzling, I plan to hike anyway. If it's a heavy down pour, all bets are off and I'm gonna be lazy and stay home! ;) Anything in between, phone my cell phone for the latest update.

On January 2nd, I plan to hike Round Valley, which is way out Marsh Creek Road on the way to Bryon/Brentwood. I should warn you that I've never actually hiked this spot, though I have past it by several times. So I'm thinking enough of this "someday I'll hike that spot" ... who's game for exploring it with me? :)

You'll find more details about these upcoming hikes posted on the East Bay Casual Hiking website. For the Round Valley hike, RAIN CANCELS.

Happy New Year! :) John

Happy Trails,


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