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Date Sent:      July 27, 2011
Subject:           2 Hikes for Thursday!
From:               John Bondon
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Thank you. 

Andrew reports of last Sunday's Briones Reservoir Overlook hike:

We had 29 hikers on another beautiful day. An easy hike, 6.5 miles and 700 ft of elevation. We picked the wild plums alongside the trail. A big hit. The rest stop was spectacular. The cooking smells made me hungry. Howard and I did a Peet's with one of our hikers in Lafayette. We were there for over an hour. We need to socialize with the friends we make. It was actually the highlight of my day.

Howard submitted the following recent hike reports as well:

July 14, 2011:
Seventeen hikers and one dog participated in Thursday's Las Trampas Eagle Peak out-and-back hike. We had good hiking weather, cool and sunny. The GPS indicated a 5.3-mile hike with about a 1700-foot elevation gain.
July 16, 2011:
Twenty-one hikers trekked from the Stanford Ave staging area to Mission Peak for our full-moon hike. The skies were clear and sunny and the temperature was comfortable at the start. However, as we approached the peak clouds blew in and obscured both the sunset and the moonrise. The only view from the peak was looking down on the clouds, a pretty sight but not the same as watching the sun and moon. And not surprisingly it, was cold and windy at the top. Deprived on moonlight, our flashlights and headlamps were much appreciated on the return trip to the staging area. The GPS indicated a hike of 6.2 miles with a 2095-foot elevation gain. 

Andrew's July 16th San Pablo Ridge morning hike:

Trail Gail led 24 of us on a really nice 10 mile hike on San Pablo Ridge. We never saw the sun but the views were great. Fog rolling over the Ridge. Sometimes we were in it. You don't need a sunny day to have a nice hike. We all watched out for each other.

Happy Trails,


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