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Date Sent:      July 20, 2011
Subject:           EBCHG on FaceBook
From:               John Bondon

More than a month ago in my June 1st email I revealed results from my FaceBook survey , inquiring how many of our members are currently using FaceBook. And offering that as one potential alternative to our current email based Member's Only Discussion List. Today I announce that a new FaceBook group is ready for you to start test driving. Join our Closed FaceBook group, explore around, kick the tires a bit, post some pictures, and let me know your thoughts. I will eventually pose a similar survey to those who participate on the FaceBook side to solicit some feedback.

And by the way, while you there, be sure to Friend me! I'm on Facebook as well. And I created a seperate FaceBook account for the hiking group itself, so you can even friend it, too! Why did I create a seperate account for the hiking group, you might be wondering? Honestly, it was just experimentation on my part. I did that many years ago, before I was even aware of this concept of Groups on FaceBook. At the time I wasn't sure if it would be better to create a Fan Page for the group under my profile or under it's own, so I created one for it, just in case! Thus, you can friend the East Bay Casual Hiking Group itself, seperate from me or any other member. :) To learn more and find all the links pertaining to the EBCHG on Facebook, visit

Happy Trails,


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