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Date Sent:      June 29, 2011
Subject:           My Vision Realized
From:               John Bondon
Special thanks to our newest hike leader, Debbie, for spearheading the short format evening hike and hopefully starting a new hiking trend for our group.  Andrew and Howard spearheaded the weekday morning hike routine for us and have kept it consistently going for a few years now.   My special thanks to them as well for their willingness to lead so often for our group. 

It's interesting that very recently someone emailed me asking whether we ever did any weekday evening hikes?  And not too long after this Debbie offered to lead short hikes after work.  This schedule apparently better matches when she prefers or has time to hike.  So she picked a spot she likes to hike, that she would normally hike alone anyway, and decided to post that hike on our EBCHG website to invite others to join her.  And you know what happened?  She got a few takers and met some new people who share her love of hiking! 

Here are Debbie's comments after leading her first weeknight hike for us:
Suzanne, Steve, Catherine and Jaimie joined me at 6pm.  It wasn't as hot as it would seem since all the climbing took place in the shade.  We were back in our cars exactly 1 hour and 15 minutes later.  I was grateful to have hiking buddies since I've done this trail many, many times alone, but the trail is usually almost empty so it's safer in numbers.

And this short story best illustrates what our little website and hiking group is all about.  Someone decides they want to go on a hike, and hey, why not invite a few friends (or soon to be friends) to join you?  Post your proposed hike on the website, and viola!   It's really that simple.   :)   That's really what my vision for starting this group and website was all about.  It's not about having a few select hike leaders always leading hikes, or always leading the same hikes.  Anyone in the group is always welcome to post and lead a hike! As a matter of fact, I encourage it!  The more of us willing to lead hikes, the more options there will be for hikes, including types of hikes.  

If you'd like to lead a hike of your own,  OR, if you don't see the type of hike offered that appeals to you, why not start a new ritual by regularly leading such a hike?  To do so, simply click the Lead A Hike link from the Upcoming Hikes page on the EBCHG website.  (Note: If you don't see such a link on the website, click the Lead a Hike link contained in this email instead.)

And, by the way, Debbie has posted two more short evening hikes for this week. Today's is a repeat of last week's Paradise Trail hike, and tomorrow is a short, easy, 1 hour in and back hike at Castle Rock in Walnut Creek. 


:) John

Happy Trails,


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