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Date Sent:      November 24, 2004
Subject:           I'm BACK!
From:               John Bondon
Hello All, I'm BACK! Well, at least for this weekend. I'll probably be out of hiking again after this one for a month or two, until my schedule calms down, then I'll resume our routine end of January/early February.

In the meantime, who's game for a Sunday morning hike with me to burn off some of that turkey, pie, and ice cream? ;~>

I'm thinking a fairly mild hike at Inspiration Point. We'll hike the paved Nimitz Trail. (If anybody can find a good web site link for this one, please let me know! The link on the details page isn't really the planned trail.) This is a great hike for newbies and beginners. If you've never come out for one of our group hikes, I highly recommend joining me for this one. It does have a few inclines, but fairly mild.

This will be a in and back type hike, NOT a loop, so if you decide you want to turn back early, you can simply turn around and retrace your steps at any point along the way.

As I recall I believe the paved section ends at around the 4 mile mark. The goal is to make it to the bluff/lookout area, take in the view for a bit, then turn around and head back. Should be around 6 or 7 miles round trip, or 2 - 3 hours timewise.

If you have a dog, feel free to bring him/her along, as this is one of those rare trails where dogs are allowed!

You'll find directions to our meeting location for this hike posted on the East Bay Casual Hiking website. Remember, RAIN CANCELS.

Hope to see you Sunday!!! Happy Trails! :) John

Happy Trails,


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