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Date Sent:      June 22, 2011
Subject:           Member's Only Email List ACTIVE and May Hikes
From:               John Bondon
Just to let everyone know, the Member's Only Email List is now active once again.  I am still processing removal requests but decided to bring it back online to help facilitate carpool requests and the like.  Read my April 27th email for more about using the email list for carpooling. 

Please remember, moving forward, that the optional Member's Only email list is only intended for hiking related matters.  So if you feel it necessary to reply to a message only to criticize someone or demand to be removed from the email list (sending your email to thousands of fellow members who CAN'T help you with that request!), please reconsider your action.  For all rants, emotional outbursts, and removal requests (emotional or otherwise), please direct those emails to me, and me ONLY!

Thank you! 

And now it's probably time to review some hiking reports from the past.  We haven't done so in awhile.  But this time we'll start with a thank you note I received from a fellow hiker and now fellow EBCHG member,  April, regarding Andrew's Mitchell Canyon to Deer Flat back in May:

I encountered your group on Sunday, May 1, while hiking through Mitchell Canyon to Deer Flat.  By "encountered," I mean you all passed me on the way up.  You were all very gracious in sharing the trail with me as I huffed and puffed my way up, and a few of you provided the encouragement I needed to keep going.  Thank you for being such a great bunch of folks.

And report from Andrew of his Sunday, May 8th, Los Vaqueros Marina hike:

We had 22 hikers on a sunny and breezy day. 7+ miles and 600 ft of elevation. It was relatively easy. We explored the Native American homesite and found 3 grinding holes including the major one. The lake is really low. At the Marina there was a rough legged hawk on a perch. It only had one wing. It looked fierce and wasn't afraid of us. It was a good hiking day.

And his comments regarding the May 15th Mt Diablo Summit from Mitchell Canyon hike:

We started with 13 hikers on a cold morning. At Deer Flat, 2 turned back. The rest of us went to the Summit. It was cold and windy, we saw snow flurries and sleet. But we did it. 15 miles and 3,300 ft of elevation is not easy. Now for some easier hikes.

Peter offered these comments to the Member's Only Email List (along with GPS encoded pictures) regarding Howard's May 19th hike to Las Trampas Peak:

Howard led today's hike from the staging area at the end of Bollinger Canyon Rd. up the Chamise Trail to the ridgeline and then continuing northwest to the summit of Las Trampas Peak.  Beautiful day for this hike - bright sunshine but with cool temperatures that were welcome on the uphill sections.

The route and some pictures can be seen at:

emailed this report about his May 21 Wall Point hike (Macedo Ranch) hike:

We had 26 hikers on a very sunny and cool day. The hike was great and the potluck even better. Cookies, chips, fruit, cheese, meatballs, etc. We have to do more of these. There is a lot of water flowing in Pine Creek. The hills are starting to turn golden.

Thanks for the reports, Andrew!   Sorry I missed that potluck.. I'm getting hungry just reading about it!   I meant to pass these reports along sooner, but isn't it interesting to review what things were like just a month or so back?  Didn't it seem THEN like we'd NEVER have our hot weather? 

Finally Andrew filed these two reports to close out the month.  First after the Saturday, May 28th Lake Chabot (9 mile) Lake Loop hike:

Howard, Mars and myself led 34 hikers around Lake Chabot. 9 miles and 800 ft of elevation. It's not that difficult and the Park is beautiful. I especially like the trek on the Columbine trail through the forest. We were joined by Trail Gail and Gordon (dog). That was fun. We snacked at the 6 mile mark. How about fresh cherries and chocolate covered espresso beans. Sit next to Kathy and you too can enjoy these delights. It was just a delightful day.

and finally report about the Monday morning, Memorial Day hike:

We had 14 hikers including Blair for our hike today. Cool, cloudy and windy. We spent no more than 10 minutes at the Nike base. The views were still good. Julie passed out lots of oatmeal cookies that were really good. Lots of pics taken on views and people today. New friends were made.

And now a look for what hikes lay ahead:

Happy Trails,


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