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Date Sent:      June 15, 2011
Subject:           Livorna or Redwood hike anyone?
From:               John Bondon
In response to my email last week warning of ticks out on the trails, Kathy shared this comment:
    We hiked Mt Wanda 3 weeks ago & I counted no less than 15 ticks between myself & my dog

Report from Howard regarding recent hike:
    There were 22 hikers on our Macedo Ranch - Rock City - Green Valley hike on Sunday. The weather was a little cool at the start but warmed up nicely shortly afterwards. And it felt hot, although it was only in the 70's, on our return from Rock City and Live Oak Campground via the Green Valley Trail. But good hiking weather with a preview of warmer, summer temperatures. My GPS indicated 8.15 miles with a 1615-foot elevation gain.

Happy Trails,


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