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Date Sent:      June 08, 2011
Subject:           Once of us didn't get the memo
From:               John Bondon
SPECIAL NOTE: The June 11th Briones Reservoir hike that was previously cancelled, has been UN-CANCELLED! So the Briones hike is now a GO for this weekend!!

Last week my mother had two separate encounters with ticks while hiking and it got me thinking. Who expects to encounter ticks out on the trails this time of year? Oh wait a minute, it IS June, isn't it? Granted 20 degrees cooler than it should be for June. But summer is (supposedly) on it's way. And those pesky ticks never got the memo that they were supposed to stay on holiday until True Summer arrives. So even if our cool temperatures of late might have you fooled, let me reassure you, the ticks out on the trails are thriving just fine. Granted not all ticks carry the risk of disease, but you never know which one might, so best to always check yourself and promptly remove any you find on yourself or your pets.

First of all, let's review the notable Best Practices when it comes to hiking during tick season. Wear light colored clothing. This make it easier to spot a dark colored tick crawling on your clothing. And DO check yourself thoroughly, (and your loved ones) for ticks after each hike as well. Pay particular attention to the hair, under the arms, backside of the knees, in and around the ear, around the waist and groin regions, between the legs, and even inside the belly button.

How should you remove a tick? Don't try to burn it! Refer to instructions from the CDC for how to properly remove it. How to Properly Remove a Tick

Happy Trails,


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