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Date Sent:      June 01, 2011
Subject:           EBCHG FaceBook Survey Results
From:               John Bondon
First of all thank you to everyone for your feedback regarding my recent survey regarding moving the MEmber's Only Discussion List to FaceBook as it's own Discussion Group. 238 online surveys were completed, along with dozens of email replies as well. Sorry if I have not had a chance to personally respond to you, but I do appreciate each of you taking the time to comment.

Not surprisingly, most people already on FaceBook supported this idea, while those who do not plan to ever open a Facebook account dissented. And understandably, privacy concerns was the most common reason. But there were a few on both sides of the fence as well. Some who were on FaceBook already that preferred keeping our Discussion Group as an email list rather than a FaceBook group, and some who weren't on FaceBook who had no problems converting our list to even a Public FaceBook Group.

But some comments reminded me of what some of the potential uses of our group might be, not just to potentially share photos from hikes and discussions of hiking related topics, but also the possibility of carpool ride share seekers. So with that in mind I've decided to proceed with my FaceBook group experiement but to make it a Closed group instead. That was a choice I had not offered but to play it safe and try out this new medium, I have decided this is the route I want to take for now. So my plan is to build a Fan page that will be public on FaceBook for the EBCHG, and a closed Group that will not be publically available to anyone but those who join.

The Member's Only Email Discussion List will remain for now as well. I will not be shutting it down immediately, but it is my goal to replace it by this time next year with something else. Ideally I'd like that something else to integrate well with my existing website technology. But we'll cross that bridge another day...

Also I want to make it perfectly clear that the East Bay Casual Hiking website ( that many of you love and rely on for hiking information, is NOT going away. Nor are these weekly emails of mine that go out every Wednesday. Both the website and what I term the Weekly RSVP Emails will remain. It is only the Members Only email list that I aim to eliminate.

Happy Trails,


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