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Message Details

Date Sent:      May 18, 2011
Subject:           EBCHG FaceBook Survey
From:               John Bondon
I'd really like your feedback on something.

For many years now I've wanted to replace our Member's Only Email List with a web based alternative. For those not aware, there exists a seperate email discussion list, which you may optionally join, that allows you to exchange email messages with your fellow EBCHG members directly. But even though this email list automatically forwards your emails on without my needing to get involved, it still generates a lot of administrative work on my part in the form of being forced to deal with bounced messages, invalid email addresses, and certain members flagging such traffic as spam or junk mail.

Additionally, I've always wanted to add photo sharing capability to our hiking site, but just don't have the time to build it right now. I've explored various options over the years, but nothing seemed like the right fit.

But now there's this thing called FaceBook that looks promising. I bet many of you are already active on it. Rather than build it, why not join it? What better place to post your pictures from our hikes to share with the world and to discuss all things hiking related?

Of course, I expect it will require some care and feeding like anything else, but the BULK of that care and feeding will be handled by FaceBook, not me!

So now the question becomes, IF I setup a FaceBook group for us, would you participate? And for those who do not have a FaceBook account, how does this affect you? Is anyone so anti-FaceBook that this would restrict their participation? If you have concerns about replacing our Email Discusions with FaceBook, I'd like to hear from you.

Understand that the main hiking website ( is NOT going away, nor will these weekly emails that I send out cease. My goal is to eliminate only the Member's Only Email list and add photo sharing capability. So with that in mind, how do you feel about moving those functions to FaceBook?

There are two types of FaceBook groups I am debating between making this: public vs private. If our FaceBook group were public, this means that anyone (your other non-hiking FaceBook friends) could potentially view messages and pictures posted to our FaceBook group. And such posts might even make it on indivual member walls as well. If our group were to be made private, then only FaceBook members of that group would be able to view such content. Realize I won't be policing who joins our FaceBook group. I won't require that person also become a member via the regular hiking website side too. So it would be possible in the future some private members could be living elsewhere in the world and not really part of our local group, just be members via FaceBook. And I do see value in making this whole thing public, to build awareness by others in the area who may not know about us and wish to join our ranks. So I'm leaning toward making our FaceBook group public. My question to you is, is there any reason it would need to be otherwise?

I've setup a special survey on this topic and I'd really appreciate your feedback. It's only 6 questions long and should only take you a couple of minutes to complete. Please visit or simply reply to this email to let me know how you feel about this upcoming change.

And THANK YOU in advance for your feedback!

Happy Trails,


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