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Message Details

Date Sent:      November 11, 2004
Subject:           Sunday Peak Hike
From:               John Bondon
Well it seems our "Fearless Leader" (aka "Brian") is getting a reputation for leading some great "peak" hikes, particularly to peaks in the Mount Diablo State Park. So to that end, and with no fear of being "type-cast", Brian is fearlessly offering to lead you all on a new trail, to a new destination, and a new peak! Your Fearless "Peak" Leader expects it to be a good 6 mile trek, or about 3-4 hours timewise.

And as for weather, use your best judgment. If it is raining lightly or sporadically Brian plans to be there. (But be prepared for mud and the possibility of rain.) Heavy rain definately does cancel.

You'll find more details about this upcoming hike posted on the East Bay Casual Hiking website.

As for me, looks like I was wrong about being able to return to hiking this month. Still have my plate full with tennis and various other projects, so hoping to get back out there myself next month. Stay tuned.

Happy Trails, all! :)

:) John

Happy Trails,


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