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Date Sent:      May 04, 2011
Subject:           a plethora of hiking opportunities
From:               John Bondon
Glancing at the Schedule of Upcoming Hikes on the website , it's nice to see so many hiking options listed, with a half a dozen hikes already posted for this month. And with the nice weather returning, this is a great time to dust off those hiking boots and hit the trails!

Of course there is no limit to the number of available hikes the website can accomodate, so if you have a hike in mind you'd like to lead, don't be shy. Step on up and submit it! Simply click on the Lead a Hike link on the Upcoming Hikes page to get started.

A quick peek at some of the most recent hike reports from the past couple of weeks:

Andrew reports of Last Sunday's Mount Diablo hike:
    24 hikers on a very sunny day. 2 left early to go to the Summit. 2 with 30 pound backpacks left us at Juniper for the Summit. Impressive. 2 turned back at Deer Flat. The rest of us finished about 2:30. Cold at Juniper and hot on the way back. I'm not used to the hot. Just another glorious day in the East Bay.

And regarding the April 30th, Round Valley hike:
    22 hikers on a very sunny & windy day. 6 miles and about 500 ft of elevation. A nice easy hike. We saw many horses and vehicles. The park is still very green. A nice mix of new faces and regulars. Two hikers took the Hardy Canyon trail on the way back. Temps in the 70's.

And regarding the April 23rd, Morgan Territory hike, Howard reports:
    There were 32 hikers for the Morgan Territory Saturday hike. Excellent hiking weather, cool and calm. It is a good time to visit this area while the grasses are still green and the weather is not hot. The hike as described in the event notes was about 6-miles long with a 1000-foot elevation gain.

Andrew shared his thoughts regarding the April 17th Deer Flat hike at Mount Diablo:
    We had 4 hike leaders today and needed them. Started with 40 on a beautiful sunny day. Soon got to 45 with late arrivals. Not many wild flowers but there were beautiful yellow globe lillies. One hiker turned back at the 2 mile mark. Everyone else made it to Deer Flat. After snacking we split. A group of about a dozen went up Murchio to Back Creek and Bruce Lee. You have so many options with 4 Leaders. The ticks are active. One hiker found 2 on her pants. All in all, a beautiful hike.

Howard shared this summary of his April 14th Morgan Territory hike:
    Fifteen hikers enjoyed an almost 7 1/2-mile hike with about an 1100-foot elevation gain in Morgan Territory from the Finley Rd entrance. The weather was cool to start, but warmed up some later in the morning. A slight breeze provided some extra cooling and kept us moving at a good pace. Good hiking weather, good company and another enjoyable trek.

Happy Trails,


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