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Date Sent:      March 09, 2011
Subject:           A Contrast of Temperatures
From:               John Bondon
From sub-freezing temperatures to tank top weather, today's hike reports from the past week show the extreme contrast in temperatures we have been experiencing recently.

Andrew says of last Saturday's Briones Reservoir Loop hike:
    There were 29 of us that started this long hike on a sunny day. My turnaround point for hikers who didn't want to go that far was the 3.5 mile mark. 3 wanted to turn back so I escorted them safely. Everybody else had more fun. 13.25 miles and about 1,600 ft of elevation. They all finished . I waited for them. We had an impromptu snackfest in the parking lot afterwards. The hikers were about even between EBRP and EBCH. Gail leads great hikes. She borrowed this one from us, and I take that as a complement. Hikers want to know who this Bondon guy is. Only one way to solve that.

Yes, that Bondon guy has been away from the trails for too long. But he shall return next month for another Decadent Hike! Details coming next month. In addition to Andrew's comments above, Morris shared this email with the Member's Only Email List as well:
    We had a great hike around Briones on Saturday, during which a couple of questions arose, so I though the hikers might be interested in the answers below from EBMUD:

    The barge with the solar panels is for pumping water up to cattle troughs. The foam at that trough happens every year because the water is runoff from Bear Creek Road. The water quality folks have checked it in the past and weren’t concerned about it as far as water quality in Briones Reservoir is concerned.

    We are having a trail building volunteer day coming up on March 19th, working on the trail re-route on the BART in Pinole valley. The Trail Dogs are going to be there. We’ll meet at the corner of Pereira Rd. and Alhambra Valley Rd. at 9. Bring tools, gloves and lunch. We plan to work until 3 PM.

Thanks for sharing that info, Morris! For anyone interested in helping out with this trail building event, you can find a link to the Bay Area Ridge Trail website on the East Bay Trail Dogs website at: .

Regarding the March 1st (Tuesday) Shell Ridge hike in Walnut Creek, Andrew filed this report:
    There were 6 of us today for our hike on Shell Ridge. It was a beautiful day. 6 miles and 1,100 ft of elevation. The ridge tops are dry and there is very little mud. I could have napped at Borges Ranch because it was that comfy. Even the animals were snoozing. Our Canadian friend hiked in a tank top because she was hot.

Finally, Andrew shared these comments about the February 27th Pleasanton Ridge hike:
    The day started at 27 degrees in Pleasanton. It soon turned into a beautiful hiking day. Sunny and cool with minimal mud. The heavy clothing came off and we all enjoyed the day. There were 27 of us and 1 dog for this almost 5 mile hike with 1,050 ft of elevation. One hiker was so energized she biked up to the ridgetop after the hike. Our Canadian friend really enjoyed the day. I couldn't have hoped for a better day.

Happy Trails,


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