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Date Sent:      February 02, 2011
Subject:           A Tradition of Decadence
From:               John Bondon
For many years I privately threatened that someday I would lead a Chocolate Hike... a hike where we visit one chocolate shop after the next. I envision a trip to San Francisco to visit Ghiradeli Square, stopping at each and every ice cream or confectionery shop along the way!

As you know, last month I decided to make good on my threats, as first announced in my January 5th email . Traveling all the way to the City and hiking is a bit more of a time commitment than I can afford right now, so instead I set my sights more local. This past weekend I led my first Decadent Hike. And I have to admit after looking at the RSVPs the night before, I truly thought I'd be the only one showing up! But as it turned out, 8 others came to support me in my quest for pure carb delight! We started at one of Yelp's highest rated donut shops in Concord and hiked from there along the Iron Horse and Contra Costa Canal trails to one of my favorite ice cream shops in Pleasant Hill. Round Trip mileage was approximately 9.7 miles.

Turns out I like this idea of rewarding oneself with sweets in exchange for exercise so much that I've decided to make this my year long theme. I'll offer 3 more such hikes later in the year. Look for the next one in April after the dreaded Tax Day. :)

Happy Trails,


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