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Date Sent:      December 15, 2010
Subject:           Don't Let The Rain Keep You Dry
From:               John Bondon
This weekend offers two hiking opportunities, and one of those (Saturday) is our hike leader, Andrew's, birthday hike. And it is quickly becoming tradition for it to be a rainy day for this hike. The National Weather Service is predicting an 80% chance for rain on Saturday and 70% for Sunday. But don't let the threat of rain keep you indoors. Saturday's hike will be on a paved trail so it is a rain or shine hike (as long as there is no lightning!). If in doubt, though, as to whether a hike will take place, it is always best to check with the hike leader directly. Contact information is typically available on the website. Just click the name of the hike for all the details.

A review of last week's hikes:

Peter says of last Thursday's Lime Ridge hike:
    The showers in the forecast probably cut down on attendance, but it turned out to be a very nice day for Howard's hike on Lime Ridge in Walnut Creek. A few muddy sections of trail especially at lower elevations, but no rain at all during the hike and we even got some rays of sunshine. The route and a few pictures can be seen at:

And Andrew added about that same hike:
    There were five hikers, all male, on our Thursday Lime Ridge hike. The loop hike was about 5 1/2 miles long with an elevation gain of slightly over 800 feet. Fortunately, there was no rain during the hike although we did encounter some sticky mud on the trails near the Arbolado Park trailhead. It was a fun hike with some enjoyable, non-inhibited conversation on the trails and during the rest stop.

And Andrew shared this note regarding last Sunday's Briones Reservoir Loop - Oursan Trail hike:
    There were 16 of us today and 4 were hike leaders. Did we have one leader with the fast pack? No. We can't keep up with them. It was cloudy, cool and getting colder by the hour. 14.3 miles, 1,600 ft of elevation gain. About 6 hours. A very friendly group. One short very muddy stretch that we all navigated because we had to. These folk don't quit. Nobody turned back.

    One blister on the hike, but our health professionals fixed that quickly. I love it. We had regulars and newbies. Before you knew it you couldn't tell the difference. One cow and deer carcass were spotted. Several of us partied a bit in the parking lot after the hike. Only sodas. We all wanted hot coffee.

Happy Trails,


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