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Date Sent:      December 08, 2010
Subject:           Lime Ridge and Briones Up Ahead
From:               John Bondon
2 quick recent hike reports before we talk about what's ahead. Andrew reports of the December 5th Tassajara Ridge Trail hike:
    We had 14 adventurous hikers today on a mostly decent weather hike. We had light rain twice. Highlight for me was watching Kathy try to put on her waterproof pants during the first rain. After several minutes, Cathryn and I were laughing so hard we had to go back and help her. Of course the sun came out a minute later. Doesn't take much to amuse this group. It was a fun day. Yes there was mud, but nothing bad. Hike was 8.2 miles and 1,000 ft of elevation. The GPS don't lie.

And Howard reports of last Thursday's Shell Ridge hike:
    Nineteen hikers and one dog enjoyed our Thursday hike from the Rockspring Pl trailhead to Castle Rock Park. The weather was cool but dry and there was very little mud on the trails. The total distance was 4.5 miles with an elevation gain of about 670 feet. And, as usual, Peter provided his excellent route and pictures that may be seen on EveryTrail at:

Happy Trails,


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