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Date Sent:      December 01, 2010
Subject:           More Brain Matter
From:               John Bondon
I received some positive feedback to my November 24th email last week titled 2 Simple Ways to maintain a Young Brain regarding how to keep your brain young. I'd like to share a couple of those comments with you, starting with this reply from Andrew:
    I am beyond the age John is talking about. But it is so true. We have to stay active. You will have a much more enjoyable life if you are active. I know a lot of you can't do what our regulars do. Contact me and I will schedule easier hikes. We have many hike leaders and can lead all types of hikes. Just get started. I remember I had great burgers for dinner last night.
And my friend, Vu, whom I've known since high school, shared the following sage knowledge with me:
    Buddhists call it “keeping a beginner’s mind.” When we keep a beginner’s mind, we will continue to learn and grow well into our eighties. We decline when we think we are an expert.

Happy Trails,


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