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Date Sent:      November 10, 2010
Subject:           Castle Rock is THE Destination
From:               John Bondon
Howard reports of the November 4th Livorna Staging Area, Foothills Trail hike:
    There were 18 hikers on our Thursday hike in Shell Ridge on one of the many trails that lead to Borges Ranch. The group hiked a little over 5 miles with an elevation gain of about 950 feet. We welcomed a few first-time EBCHG hikers to the group and hope to have them return for future hikes. The weather was good for our outing, sunny with the temperature around 70. And we were pleased to see the beginning of this seasons green grass starting to emerge, thanks to the early rains.

Andrew reports of the November 7th Rocky Ridge at Las Trampas hike:
    We had 18 hikers on a day that was cold, windy and raining. I called our little group 'the asylum'. I never expected so many hikers. Chris led Amanda and Jaime on the 7 mile hike. 3 hikers turned back at the comm. tower. Mars and I led the remaining hikers on a 4 mile version at the ridge top, where it was quite windy. When there are 4 hike leaders, you have a lot of flexibility. Of course, by the time I got back to Pleasanton it stopped raining.

Happy Trails,


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