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Date Sent:      November 03, 2010
Subject:           Animal Sightings
From:               John Bondon

Sunol to Mission Peak hike October 3oth, 2010 Sunol to Mission Peak hike October 3oth, 2010 Special thanks to Andrew for arranging last Saturday's Sunol Park to Mission Peak hike led by Gail from the East Bay Regional Parks. Sounds like it was a fun hike, and ironically my own mother showed up for this hike, even though I could not make it myself. Andrew summed up the day as follows:

    This hike was a success. 31 hikers including Gail and we all finished. 10.5 miles and 2,200 feet of elevation. We were about even with participation from our groups. I enjoy meeting new hikers. It was mild at the beginning, cold at the Summit, but we didn't get rained on.

Sunol to Mission Peak hike October 3oth, 2010 Sunol to Mission Peak hike October 3oth, 2010 And special thanks to Peter for sharing some pictures as well as these comments regarding the hike:

    Despite threatening rain clouds, there were 31 participants on today's hike to the Mission Peak summit. Led by 'Trail Gail' from East Bay Regional Parks we started at the visitor center in Sunol Regional Park and headed up the east side of Mission Peak. Got a few sprinkles early in the hike, but fortunately they ended quickly although we continued to see rain falling farther to the west. Quite breezy and cool at the top, so we hunkered down behind rocks as we ate our snacks before heading back down. Surprised a bobcat on my way down as I came around a bend to find him on the trail just ahead. He scampered off to a safe distance by the time I was able to get his picture.

You can view a sampling of some of his photos here:

Andrew submitted these comments regarding last Sunday's Wall Point hike:
    A beautiful autumn day on Diablo for 20 something hikers. Several of us were in costume including me. 6 miles and 1,250 ft of elevation gain. Now it is time to rest. Daylight saving time ends next sunday.

Happy Trails,


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