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Date Sent:      October 27, 2010
Subject:           Beat The Rains!
From:               John Bondon
Peter shared the following comments with the Member's Only email list concerning last Friday's Briones hike:
    Kathryn led today's hike in Briones Regional Park in celebration of Bobbi's birthday. After an inauspicious start in a steady light rain, the skies dried up and even blessed us with some scattered sunshine. Our hike was in the northern section of the park - starting at the Park Office on Alhambra Valley Rd. and going up Pine Tree trail and Old Briones Rd. to connect with the Spengler and Alhambra Creek trails before returning on Orchard. Along the way we visited an old mine entrance and a labyrinth.

He also shared his experience from Sunday's Brushy Peak hike:
    Andrew assured us at the start of the hike that the rain wasn't scheduled to arrive until the afternoon - and he turned out to be correct. There was a bit of mist in the air when we started and again when we returned, but in between we stayed completely dry. It was very breezy near the summit, and judging by all the nearby windmills that's the normal state of affairs. Nice views of the Livermore valley and surrounding hills.

Andrew, himself, filed this report as well:
    We got the hike done before the rains came! They started on our trip back to Pleasanton. We had 8 adventurous hikers on a mild, cloudy and windy day. The wind was quite strong on our way down the Peak. Hike was about 5 miles and 900 ft of elevation. A nice hot coffee at Peets was the perfect finish.

Happy Trails,


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