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Date Sent:      September 29, 2010
Subject:           85 in the shade
From:               John Bondon
My apologies to those who tried to get on the hiking website this past Sunday morning only to discover it was not functioning. I disocvered this myself while on my way to the hike, so I turned back and headed back to correct it. Website was back up by 9:50AM. I use automated monitoring software that normally notifies me by email whenever there is a problem with the website. I did not notice any such warnings in my email box that morning. Later I realized I had not received ANY emails at all all day (highly unusual for me). Turns out my email was also not working due to an upgrade to my company's email system taking place that weekend. So much for my early warning system! :(

The hiking website is still on track to change to a new server. Over the past couple of weeks I have been in the process of copying all the data over. I imagine I will make the cutover sometime before this weekend. This will occur overnight and should cause very little downtime.

For last Saturday's Nimitz Trail hike we had 21 hikers turn out, plus 2 dogs and one little girl. It was a beautiful day for a hike, a bit hazy but visibility was good enough to clearly see the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. Andrew reports that the temperature was about 85 in the shade by the time the hike ended.

Howard reports of last Sunday's Green Valley / Rock City hike:
    There were 27 hikers for our Green Valley Trail to Rock City loop hike. The GPS indicated a total distance of about 8 3/4 miles with an elevation gain of a little less than 1800 feet. This places the hike in the challenging category. The difficulty was exacerbated by the hot weather which makes hiking much more difficult. We try to schedule hikes with the weather in mind, but unfortunately we are not able to predict the temperature in advance of the proposed schedule.
And unfortunately my family and I didn't make last Sunday's (September 19th) Mount Diablo hike, but we did get to hang out for a bit at Peggi's for the potluck afterward. Andrew summarized the day:
    25+ hikers on a cloudy, humid day. Several arrived late and tried to catch up. The Back Creek trail is loaded with poison oak but is such a cool trail. Many thanks to Peggi for her hospitality for hosting the Pot Luck. It's always a FUN event. Great food and socializing. I look forward to more Pot Lucks at our parks. Great photos will be passed around featuring Liora and the kitty.

Happy Trails,


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