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Date Sent:      September 22, 2010
Subject:           An East Bay Featured Favorite
From:               John Bondon
As the founder and main contact for this group, from time to time, I occasionally receive requests from other organizations related to hiking. One such recent request was for a story for Backpacker Magazine, highlighting local hiking groups from all across the country and their picks for favorite dayhikes. So if you happen to pick up this month's issue (September 2010) and turn to page 63, you'll find our group featured along with 3 of my favorite Bay Area hikes. When I was asked to select 3 of my favorite hikes I was thinking in terms of the entire Bay Area, so in hindsight I probably should have thrown at least one East Bay hike in the mix!

Additionally, this weekend, all the groups that participated in that story have been asked to lead a favorite hike this Saturday, the 25th. So this time I have picked one of my favorite East Bay hikes. And it's a location that is great no matter what your fitness level is, or how much you've been hiking lately. Yes there's some hills, but compared to most of the trails we do around here, this location is very mild in terms of elevation gain. So if you've never hiked before and are looking for a good opportunity to start, join us on Saturday! This will be a mostly paved trail so baby strollers are fine here. And dogs are welcome too. Heck, bring the ENTIRE family!

Happy Trails,


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