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Message Details

Date Sent:      August 04, 2010
Subject:           Cool Summer Hiking
From:               John Bondon
Howard reports of his Thursday, July 29th hike:
    There were 24 hikers for our Snyder Lane/Shell Ridge Loop hike. It was excellent summer hiking weather with temperatures in the 70's and a moderate breeze. A short stop at Borges Ranch provided an opportunity to rest, snack and compare hiking notes with others in the friendly group. The hike was not quite 5 miles long with an elevation gain of about 1000 feet.

Andrew reports of his Sunday, August 1st Lake Chabot hike:
    We started with 30 hikers but soon added more on the trail. I picked the same day as a 50K trail run. We met them on the Columbine trail. We were going in opposite directions. We finished first. We had an impromptu picnic after the hike. One of the hikers brought a picnic blanket, chips, and a delicious dip. Even a beautiful rose in a vase. Everyone brought something to share. The afternoon was so great! We had newcomers and regulars but no dogs. Chabot is a beautiful park. We have to visit it more often.

Happy Trails,


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