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Date Sent:      June 16, 2010
Subject:           Hike Walnut Creek Thursday or Sunday
From:               John Bondon
Howard reports of the Las Trampas Elderberry Loop hike of June 13th:
    There were 28 hikers and a few dogs on our Elderberry loop hike in Las Trampas park. We hiked a little less than 5 miles with an elevation gain of about 1150 feet. The weather was warm but there was a nice breeze on the Rocky Ridge trail. We completed the hike before noon while the temperature was still at a comfortable level. An enjoyable late Spring hike with a hint of warmer Summer temperatures ahead.
And of the June 10th Brushy Peak hike, Howard said:
    There were 12 hikers on our Brushy Peak loop hike on Thursday. Again, nice hiking weather on dry trails, mostly sunny with a cooling breeze. We hiked for 5-miles with an elevation gain of about 850 feet.

Happy Trails,


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