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Date Sent:      June 09, 2010
Subject:           He DOES exist!
From:               John Bondon
June 6th Donner Canyon hike June 6th Donner Canyon hike Life can be ironic, can't it? I am the guy who started this hiking club and this website, yet I don't seem to find the time to hike anymore! But this past weekend we finally changed that. Not only did I come on a hike, I actually helped lead one (which is always a good excuse for needing to show up!) One of your fellow hikers commented to me, "I think the last time I saw you out here was the last time you led a hike about 9 months ago." .. Yep, that sounds about right. Sure has been a LONG time. And to be honest, I wasn't sure if my out of shape body was ready for a 1,000 foot hike, but it, and I, survived! Actually, for those that attended, turns out our intended 6 mile hike was probably more like 4.5 or no more than 5 miles round trip tops. I guess we were off with our original estimate of distance.

June 6th Donner Canyon hike June 6th Donner Canyon hike Last Sunday wasn't just about my returning to hiking, though it made for a good excuse for me to show up. Last weekend was really an opportunity to thank one of our hike leaders, someone who has led many hikes herself. And someone who's hikes appealed especially to the fast paced hiking crowd amongst us. I am very proud of the fact that our hiking group has remained so diverse over the years. We have hikes for the newbies or those looking for the gentler nature type walks. And then on the opposite end of the of spectrum we have the more challenging, get the heart pumping type hikes. Diane definately had the reputation of leading some of our faster and more cardio type treks. And for all the years she has done so for us, we say THANK YOU! Diane will be moving out of the area to be closer to her daughters. We will miss her and wish her the best.

Andrew shared these comments regarding last Sunday's hike and lunch:
    We started with 36, soon had 38 hikers. Maybe 5 miles but 1,000 ft of elevation gain. A nice hike. It was so nice of the Bondons to offer up their home to an after hike lunch. Really cool. Great eats and a beautful baby girl. What more do you want. Diane was sent away on a very posative note. We all wish her well. My potluck is coming in July.

June 6th Donner Canyon hike June 6th Donner Canyon hike I must admit it felt good to be back out there on those trails, feeling the warm sun hitting my skin and the cool breeze blowing in my face. So to help continue this return to hiking trend, my wife and I have decided to lead another hike next weekend. This time we will bring our daughter along for the trek, so we are aiming to do something easier and shorter. So we've decided to try Castle Rock in Walnut Creek. So if you've been away from hiking for far too long as well, or just haven't found the right hike to get started, do join us. There will be some elevation gain, after all this is California and it's hard to avoid hills around here. But we promise no grueling 1,000 ft climbs this time around!

June 6th Donner Canyon hike June 6th Donner Canyon hike Howard reports of his June 3rd hike:
    There were 15 congenial hikers and one friendly dog on our Thursday hike in the Sycamore Valley Open Space. We were able to enjoy another of our numerous regional parks in the local area. It was nice hiking weather, cool with a light breeze. The total distance was a little over 4-miles with an elevation gain of about 850 feet.

One final note. The photos in this email were provided compliments of MARS. You can view the entire collection on the hiking website.

Happy Trails,


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