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Date Sent:      May 11, 2010
Subject:           Picture Perfect Hiking
From:               John Bondon
Andrew reports of the May 1st Lake Chabot Loop hike:
    We had 42 hikers on a beautiful sunny day. 30+ were ours. Trail Gail is terrific. She is so interesting and she knows so much. A nice partnership. This was our 2nd Lake hike. More coming. That will be the theme through the spring.

Two reports were filed regarding the May 6th Las Trampas. First this report from hike leader Howard:
    There were nine hikers and four dogs on our Thursday's Las Trampas hike. We covered about 5 miles with an elevation gain of between 1400 to 1600 feet, depending on whether the GPS reading or the elevation plot was more accurate. We had excellent hiking weather but alternated between slightly too warm or too cool depending on our exposure to the breeze and whether we were in the sun or the shade. The wildflowers were particularly colorful near the top of the ridge on both sides. Let's hope for a long springtime.

Peter also offered these comments about the May 6th Las Trampas hike:
    Howard and Andrew led another great hike in the Las Trampas hills today. Perfect weather with a comfortable hiking temperature coupled with clear skies for great views of the surrounding hills and valleys. The route and some pictures can be seen at:

Happy Trails,


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