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Date Sent:      September 27, 2004
Subject:           New Member's Only Email List
From:               John Bondon
Hello All,

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was too short, as usual. ;)

I understand the group made the Saturday morning trek up to Mount Olympia successfully, but had quite an adventure on some side trails on the way back down. Even encountering a tarantula and the rare sighting of a buck along the way. You can check out a picture of the buck by clicking here .

Tarantulas are a common sighting on Mount Diablo trails. Contrary to popular belief, they are pretty harmless. For those interested in learning more about tarantulas, I have added a new entry under my FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page , along with a link for more information. Check it out at .

New Email List! I have added a new email list for the group. It is what I refer to as the "Members-Only" Email List. Until now, Kristy and I have been the only persons with access to email the entire group membership. This new email list allows anyone in the group to email the rest of the list! There is one caveat, however. You will only be able to email those who have subscribed to this new Members-Only list. As promised, I will not force subscribe anyone to this new email list. Participation is optional. And in order to send emails to the list, you have to already be a member of this new email list. Otherwise your email message to the group will be rejected.

The intent of this new list is to allow you, the members, to share and freely discuss hiking related matters, without having to rely on me to forward the information on. Anything from carpool requests to advice on where to get the latest hiking gadget is fair game. The aim is to keep this list non-commercial and spam free. If this turns into a way to post hiking advertisements, then no one will want to be subscribed! So, for now, I will open this up as a non-moderated list. If spammers find a way to post here, or things get off topic, we may need to modify this a bit.

I encourage each of you to subscribe to this new list now. The more people who become part of this special group, the more useful it will be for everyone. Doesn't do much good for me to post a question, when only myself and a couple other people will see it! :) So anyone with an interest in exchanging emails with other like minding hiking individuals, are encouraged to sign-up!

To subscribe to this new list, simply click the "modify my settings" link contained in this email and check the box next to Members-Only Email List to subscribe. A confirmation email should be sent once you are subscribed.

Once subscribed, to send an email to the group, simply address it to [email protected].

Lastly, speaking of emails, for those not aware, you can now read my past email announcements on the website itself. Because spam filters can be so aggressive these days, even many of my Hiking emails tend to get blocked. If you ever feel you may be missing an email or two from me, simply go to and click on the Past Emails link.

I will be out of town in early October, but hope to resume my weekend hikes by early November. Stay tuned!

Happy Trails! :) John

Happy Trails,


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