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Date Sent:      March 30, 2010
Subject:           No Fooling This Thursday
From:               John Bondon
No Fools Prank This April 1st. There really is a hike! Check out the website for all the details. In the meantime, here's a few words from our respective hike leaders of a couple of our past weekday hikes you may or may not have missed.

Andrew says of the March 18th Eagle Peak hike:
    We had 15 adventurous hikers and 2 dogs for our hike today. 5.4 miles and almost 1,700 ft of elevation gain. Not easy, but we all finished safely.The day was so beautiful. We snacked at the Peak enjoying the views in all directions. It doesn't get much better than this.
Howard reports of last Thursday's hike at Shell Ridge:
    Ten hikers and three dogs enjoyed our 6-mile with 900 feet elevation gain hike in Shell Ridge on Thursday. As usual, we stopped for a short time at Borges Ranch for rest and snacks. Fortunately, we missed any rain even though the weather was cloudy and cool. The grass was tall and green with some early wildflowers beginning to make their appearance. Spring is a great time of the year for hiking on our local trails.

Happy Trails!

Happy Trails,


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