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Date Sent:      March 23, 2010
Subject:           Two Weekday Hikes and a Summit in sight
From:               John Bondon
Two Weekday Hikes and a Summit in sight

This week we have 2 weekday hikes available for your Wednesday AND Thursday. Plus this weekend, Andrew will be starting a series of 3 hikes to get you ready to hike all the way up to the Mount Diablo Summit. And with the recent rains and the more recent warming trends, there are sure to be some great views to be hard from 3800+ feet!

Howard reports of last Sunday's Castle Rock to Macedo Ranch hike:
    There were 36+ hikers for our Castle Rock to Macedo Ranch loop hike on Sunday. A moderate hike of about 7 miles and 900 feet elevation gain. It was excellent hiking weather with abundant water flowing in Pine Creek, which we had to cross numerous times, causing a few wet boots and socks. Many nice conversations on the trails and at the Macedo Ranch rest stop. Thanks to Linda, the route with pictures can be viewed online.

Happy Trails!

:) John

Happy Trails,


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