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Date Sent:      March 16, 2010
Subject:           That Dirty Four Letter Word
From:               John Bondon
This past weekend you had not one, but TWO opportunties to go on one of my favorite hikes. The Mount Diablo WaterFall Trail has been a hike that I, traditionally, have led myself annually this time of year. But unfortunately for me, that dirty four letter word -- WORK -- got in the way of fun, sunshine, and fresh air for me this past weekend. Hopefully I can join you next time!

In case you, too, missed it, Andrew files this report regarding the Saturday WaterFall hike: :
    We had 26 hikers on a beautiful sunny but cool day. The Falls are flowing and the wild flowers are starting to bloom. It is really something to see. There was mud on the lower Donner trail, but the higher elevations were fine. On the way back, the Donner trail was significantly drier. Everyone noticed it. You want to do this hike in March for the Falls. Tomorrow should be even better.
And Howard's report of the Sunday hike:
    There were 37 hikers for our Mt Diablo Falls hike on Sunday. A beautiful day for hiking which was enjoyed by us and many other hikers we met on the trail. While most of the hikers were able to join only the Sunday hiking group, there were a few hardy souls who hiked both Saturday and Sunday and enjoyed trekking the loop in both directions.
Finally, Howard reports of last Thursday's hike:
    Thursday's Las Trampas hike was enjoyed by six hikers and one dog. Very pleasant spring-like weather and almost all dry trails. A nice 5-mile hike.

Happy Trails,


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